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How many wars are currently going on between countries in the world today?


  1. Starship Pain says:

    Wikipedia has a list of the ongoing major conflicts in the world.

    These people answering with Iraq and Afghanistan dont understand that it is a big world, and that there are many other countries at war or having military conflicts with each other right now.

  2. Freedom prevails says:

    countries are not at war at the moments,
    but its rather countries vs. insurgent groups,

  3. XXPRIDE says:

    There are too many to name and depending on where you live you know about different ones. Like all the secret wars the government causes to cause uproars and revolts in order to take over countries or things like oil. Example before we had Hawaii as a state it used to be ruled by a queen. So the U.S Government sent in a couple of experts to cause a chaos between different groups in Hawaii. While they where busy fighting each other the government bombed and shot at them. Even if they surrendered they where still going down. We killed their queen and took over Hawaii and added another state to our bloody history.

  4. saharaaj says:

    There are no declared wars
    all wars are for peaceful opertions.
    all wars are against islamic insurgents –no military actions

  5. tfoley5000 says:

    We are at war with Iraq and Afghanistan, I hope they just end soon.

  6. faslane-flyer says:

    dont know this answer, what i do know its not countries who go to war, its politics that causes all wars and little *censored* with big egos

  7. NutstersChick says:

    Wow that’s a tall order.
    Most countries are having minor/major domestic unrest.
    In the UK for instance, the Irish troubles are far far from over.
    Argentina want their Islas Malvinas back or the Falkland Isles by another name, demands are growing for the UK to attend the diplomatic table.
    Just about everybody is fighting in some way in Afghanistan.
    Iraq is on the verge of self-implosion.
    China stomps on Tibet & makes noises at Taiwan.
    Russia stomps on former eastern block countries & their terrorist backers.
    Pakistan has been told to seek & destroy the terrorists in their midst.
    Spain argues with Portugal over a rock barely big enough to graze sheep but insist it’s the principle of the thing……..
    Probably plenty more countries of the world in-fighting or rowing with their neighbours & beyond.

    Phew that’s enough for now.

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