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What are the Illuminati trying to gain by creating Hurricane Sandy?


  1. I'm illuminati says:

    thanks, i completely take Hurricane Sandy under my responsiblility

  2. Pink Puakenikeni says:

    Don’t listen to Joy, she’s mentally retarded. We all know the Illuminati have HAARP and they simulated this hurricane in 1997 under the same name, Sandy.

    Just watch this

    I don’t really know what their purpose is, but I think they really have no purpose at all other than sadistic fun. These people are mad, power and money drove them insane. They take pleasure in causing chaos and spinning the world around their pinkies.

  3. Butch S says:

    Are you retarded or just plain stupid?

  4. Joy says:

    The Illuminati people has no power whatsoever to create a hurricane or something. Not even close to that. They’re just people. celebrities, politicians, ordinary people, whatever that is under a deceiving influence. The reason why there’s a hurricane is because of climate change, global warming, etc. And the cause of gw and cc is us, the society. We should blame ourselves.

    And haven’t you heard? The Mayans are trying to take back their prediction about the doomsday because of their government conflict. If you’re asking me, don’t believe that. Nobody knows when will the world end. No. One. Knows. Lots of people had predicted when will the world end and they all failed. Just check out the list of predictions. What a waste.

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