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Which TV news stations are considered conservative and which are considered more liberal?


  1. dk d says:

    Fox is concervative and so is CNN. I’d say good morning america or local news things are most liberal.

  2. So fresh so clean says:

    NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN, anybody but FOX-considered liberal

    FOX- conservative, declares everyone but them is liberal.

  3. Tony G says:

    Fox News Channel is a conservative news station, CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS& NBC are the most liberal and lean to to left on certain issues.

  4. Ski Dawg says:

    Are you talking 24-hour news or nightly network news? The three networks – ABC, CBS and NBC – are all tagged as liberal. Of the 24-hours, CNN and MSNBC (a cable extension of NBC) are considered liberal, while Fox Noise is considered conservative.

    That said, these networks are not "liberal" but rather responsible journalism. There really is no such thing as "liberal bias" in the media.

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